The Au Sable River Valley Business Association is excited to announce that ROOST has released a new Whiteface Region Visitors Guide.   The Whiteface region includes Upper Jay, Jay,  and the Au Sable Forks area. The guide includes great information on our local area and is available at our local businesses as well as at the Town of Jay Community Center in Au Sable Forks.

We encourage all vacation home rental owners to pick up a copy or two for their rental units and help promote our local area and businesses to your guests.

For more information on the Au Sable River Valley Business Association please visit or email

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First Friday has been a great hit. Meet at the pavilion from 5-7pm the first Friday of every month during the spring, summer and fall. Just bring a dish to pass and a beverage of your choice. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and get out of the house. Everyone who lives in the Acres is welcome.  Look for the signs and I hope to see you next month!!!

Give ‘em a Break

Hello Neighbors,

Laurie Conney here with a gentle reminder to give our resident turtles a break by slowing down and anticipating “turtle crossings.”  In fact, I did just that today along Ridgetop Drive and it felt great!

The high risk crossings that I know of seem to occur along the stretch of Ridgetop Drive- that used to have 2 turtle crossing signs-and around Lake Eaton outlets. Please think about letting your school bus, fuel delivery and ground transportation drivers know to look out for them as well!


Okay that’s it and thanks for the consideration:)