2024 Biannual Cleanup Notice

Title: Save the Date!

Subject: 2024 Biannual Cleanup Notice.

Happy Spring Neighbors!
Please mark your calendars for our first roadside cleanup project.
We invite you to “take to the roads” over the weekend of May 3rd-5th. If needed, please leave collected waste behind the Lake Eaton Pavilion no later than 3pm on Sunday, May 5th.

Our current Adopt-a-Road Member list is included for your convenience. Please realize that because some members may not be available for this cleanup it’s especially important for “all Ausable Acres homeowners” to feel included and join in. Overlapping efforts are encouraged!

  1. Joyce Philips-Fir St
  2. Tricia Koch & Rich Apelt – Tannenbaum, Evergreen & Spruce.
  3. Kathy DeFina-Sawmill from Sequoia Mtn to Summit
  4. Lynne and Bill Johnson-Oneida Lane and Sequoia Mountain Lane from the junction with
  5. Oneida to the turn -around at the end.
  6. Marisol & Knut Sauer-Ridgetop, Hawthorne and Maple Lane
  7. Frank Krueger-Ausable Drive from Lakeside to Ridgetop and Sawmill from Alder to Ausable Drive.
  8. Jim Haig-Oak Hollow Rd., around lake and silver trail, Cherry St. and Butternut
  9. Jim Jacob- AuSable Drive between the two Oak Hollow signs.
  10. Bob and Lou Moriarty-River Road and Cascades
  11. Susan & Steve Albert – Raccoon Lane
  12. Cori Potter – Red Fox Drive and Sequoia Mountain Lane
  13. Laurie & Rick Conney – AuSable Drive, from Ridgetop to blue trailhead
  14. Linda & Bob Kroll – Algonquin Lane
  15. Charlie & Elise Roller – Evergreen and Ridgetop
  16. Mary Ann Dee – Cross Street
  17. Phyllis Fox – AuSable Dr. from Cross St. for one mile toward Church St.
  18. Jennifer & Pete Nienstadt – Whitetail Lane
  19. DeSantis family – Beech and Alder St.
  20. Heather & John Prendergast – Fern Lane

Thank you in advance for your contribution to keeping our roadsides healthy and clean. I hope everyone can join us.

Laurie Conney
Roadside Cleanup Volunteer
Adopt-a-Road Member
“In the forest and mountains,animals do not leave trash. Humans Do. Please behave like animals”   -Conserve-Energy-Future.com