Spring 2021 Road Side Cleanup

Ausable Acres, Jay, NY 12941
Spring 2021 Road Side Cleanup
Saturday, May 1, 2021

To those able to participate in this year’s program-and there were many-thank you!  Our crew included not only first time volunteers but, past Adopt-a-Road members and I’m proud to say, a wealth of new Adopt-a-Road members! The enclosed pictures tell the story of a beautiful day met with smiles and enthusiasm. In total, we collected a minimum of three truckloads; much of this done prior to Saturday, May 1st, by willing volunteers able to commit to the cause but unable to secure the date. And special thanks to Knut Sauer for managing the dump deliveries. We just can’t do it without you. You’re the best!

In addition, thanks to the Jay Community News for sharing this post.

To many, Ausable Drive is used as a shortcut by multi-destination drivers. And for reasoning beyond my comprehension and that of our community at large, it’s used as a dumping ground. Please reconsider and help us keep our roads clean and safe.

Thank you everyone!

Laurie Conney*
Adopt-a-Road  Organizer