AAPOA General Membership Meeting Held on 7/4/15

Randy Douglas and Archie Depo attended our meeting to speak about Charter Comm. installation progress. They urged everyone with underground power lines to complete the consent form and return it to the supervisor’s office so the lines could be placed underground on their property. Having the lines installed will not be a commitment for Charter services. Work is to begin in the next two weeks and completed by 12/31/15. A copy of the form, if you don’t have one, is in a previous post on this website. It was also in your recent water bill.

Elections were held and in addition to Joe DeMarco, Paul Longenderfer and Phil Dooley, who were elected to three year terms, Rick Bremer was elected to complete the one year remaining of Tim Mainzer’s term.  Officers were elected after the meeting by the board. They are: Rosemary Barry, President; Joe DeMarco, Vice-president; Pete DeFina, Secretary; Phil Dooley, Treasurer.

We distributed a Draft Incidental Business Document for the purpose of clarifying #1 of the Covenants and Restrictions because we believe that the idea of “commercial use of the property” clause is very vague. The intention of this document is to create additional language that speaks to how we will interpret this section of the C & R’s in the future. A copy of the draft is at the bottom of this post. We will discuss it at the October meeting and plan a vote by the AAPOA members next July. All input is welcome. Stay tuned for more.

Those are just a few of the items discussed at the meeting. The minutes will be posted in October and will have all the details.

Incidental business draft resolution

Rosemary Barry, President