AAPOA Holds Roadside Clean-up

On Saturday, August 25, 20012 AAPOA members and friends held our semi-annual roadside cleanup. Litter and trash was removed from AuSable Drive and Sawmill Drive up to Cross St. We would have done more if there had been more helpers.  Thanks go to the following workers: Ron and Pat Levine (AAPOA board member), Doug Fox, Doug and Rosemary Barry (AAPOA board member), Tim Mainzer, John Mehrman, Nancy and Greg MacDonald, Ray Longinetti and Liz and Steve Holbreich (who were visiting the Barrys for the weekend). It is amazing how much litter is on the side of the roads. Hopefully, in the Spring, more volunteers will be available and more roads can be cleaned up. The Town of Jay takes care of the roads but they do not do roadside cleanups. That is up to us. Thanks again to all the workers.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA