AAPOA Holds Spring Trail Maintenance Day


I want to thank everyone who came out to Trail Maintenance Day on Saturday May 2nd. There was great attendance and we completed our planned projects. Here’s an overview of our accomplishments:

Trenched, drained and rebuilt six, large wet areas on the Blue trail. There were several low lying areas that pooled up to six inches of water. The team dug release points to drain the areas and a trench system to continually drain the area in the future. Then rebuilt the muddy area by backfilling with dirt and rock. We also built a dirt transition into the bog bridge on the blue trail to make it easier for bikers and runners to access the bridge.

Trail  committee at work

               Trail committee at work








I’d like to specifically thank those who volunteered their time to make our Trail Maintenance Day a success:

Frank Krueger
Kevin McDonough
Mike Diehl
Phil Dooley
Kirk Baughman
Greg Karl
Jim Jacobs
Martin Tyler
Nancy MacDonald
Greg MacDonald
Paul Longenderfer

Our next official Trail Maintenance Day is scheduled for October 3, so be on the lookout for planning emails later this summer.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Paul Longenderfer, Chairperson and AAPOA Board Member

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