AAPOA Launches New Mass Email

The Board of the AAPOA is trying to improve communication between the Board and property owners within the Acres.  For many years now we have been asking people to provide us with their email addresses.  Until now we have never had the ability to use these emails to contact all members/property owners to keep them abreast of events, meetings, association business, etc.
Recently we set up an account with a well-established, reputable email marketing company called Vertical Response.  Their software will allow us to email property owners while following all legal requirements for sending emails to a large number of people.
We will never overuse this form of contacting property owners.  Our intention is to use the email system sparingly to increase awareness of upcoming events and meetings, as well as notify you of important AAPOA business.  Not only will this improve your awareness of events within the Acres, we feel it will reduce costs to the Association when contacting members.

If you did not receive the email, there are three possible reasons for this: you may not have given an email address to us, the email we have for you is not correct, or, the email is in your junk/spam folder and you will need to remove it and label it as “not junk/spam”.
If you didn’t receive the email and wish to receive emails in the future, please send an email to aapoamail@gmail.com with your correct email address.
Please note, this is not the same as the president’s email that is on the website.
Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President
Pete DeFina, Secretary/Membership Chairperson