AAPOA Meeting 10/7/17 Agenda

This will be our final meeting of 2017. We encourage all members to attend.  The agenda is attached below. You may wish to bring a copy with you.

OCTOBER 7, 2017


Prior to the start of our meeting, the Board has invited 2 groups of candidates to address us. First will be candidates for Town Council followed by        candidates for Highway Superintendent. Each group of candidates will be allowed a couple of minutes to give a brief statement regarding their candidacy. Then AAPOA members can ask any of the candidates some brief questions.

A. Introduction of Board members: Rick Bremer, Katy Bidelspach, Peter DeFina (president), Joe DeMarco (vice president), Phil Dooley (treasurer), Paul        Longenderfer, Jim Phillips, Knut Sauer (C&R enforcement), Allan Watnik (secretary)

B.  Approval of 7/1/2017 general meeting minutes- Allan

C.  Treasurer’s Report—Phil
1.  Income/Expense
2.  Account balances
3.  Proposed 2017-18 budget

D.  Committee Reports
1.  Architectural Committee- Joe
a. Report on issue with expired and/or no building permits
b. Active and new permits issued
2.  Membership—Pete
3.  Trail Committee- Paul
4.  Covenants and Restrictions Committee- Knut
a.  Outstanding violations—19 Hochsteig, 42 Traum
b.  Issue with camper in use this summer on vacant lot- Cayuga
5.  Other

E.  President’s Report
1.  On Being the newly elected president
2.  Pavilion plaque hung
3.  Mass email issue—# emails opened has fallen from 62% to 45%
4.  Other

F.  Old Business
1.  Neighborhood sign project—Jim
2.  150 lot project- Doug Barry

G.  New Business
H.  Adjournment

Pete DeFina, AAPOA President