Ausable Acres Roadside Cleanup

Spring 2020

Time to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Spring Roadside Cleanup!

Drum roll please for the following individuals, families, and neighbors:
Alberts; Bennetts; Conneys; DeFinas; Mary Ilaqua; John & Diane; Cori Potter; Sauers; Shumways and Signorelli’s. Additional thanks go to Knut Sauer and Pete DeFina for helping to organize this year’s cleanup and providing the necessary tools to do it safely.

I think everyone will agree that they did a wonderful job! Our neighborhood looks so clean and refreshed that for me at least, it’s a dream to keep it that way forever! And as a matter of fact, you can by becoming a member of our Adopt-A Road Program! This long standing program runs simultaneous to the Spring and Fall Cleanup schedules and allows you to adopt and maintain a favorite stretch of road year-round. In fact, several people did just that this Spring! Thank you to our new Adopt-A-Road members: The Alberts, Conneys; Cori Potter; and the Rollers. Please note that prior members (thank you!) will be acknowledged in a separate email post.

I’m grateful to everyone who helped out this year. Spring 2020 came on the heels of a very trying chapter in our lives; a time where for many of us, the day to day uncertainties left us feeling unmoored and disconnected. I think I can safely speak for everyone involved when I say, it felt really good to focus on the task at hand and know for certain what it’s outcome would be. We did it and I thank you!

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