The AAPOA annual operating budget is voted on and approved by the general membership at the meeting in October. All our revenue/funding is coming from the Association dues, additional generous contributions by members, and from Newsletter ad fees. While our revenue and expenses do fluctuate a little bit from year to year, they have been hovering around $20,000 per year, both revenue and expenses. While our general operating expenses are quite low, our main expense is for Insurance, roughly $9,000. Other higher expense categories include Printing & Postage for primarily the Newsletter and Membership Cards ($3,500), School & Property taxes ($2,400), and Mowing & Property maintenance ($3,300). Additionally, every year we set aside an expense for Tennis and Pickleball Court and for the Legal funds. Together with member donations to these funds the annual reserve ensures we have an appropriate reserve in each of those funds should the need arise.

AAPOA Budget 22-23

AAPOA Budget 23-24