Getting Closer to 150!

We are finally able to see the finish line to the 150 lot project. As of today, we have 148 people who signed on to help reach this important goal. If you are still unsure about it or have questions, you can email the AAPOA at president@ The forms and background information is on this website under the Governance banner at the top of the page.  Remember all filing costs are paid by the AAPOA. Thanks to those who signed up and we are hopeful to reach the goal very soon.

Doug Barry

150 Lot Chairperson

150 Lot Project Works for All

The “150 or More Lot” project is a contract with the future which requires NO payment by us..except for the dues which we already pay. It applies to all properties, vacant, or lots improved with a home.  It guarantees the future solvency of the Association and the prospect of enhanced amenities for all  of us if, someday, JLKN develops it residential lot potential. Such lots, under  APA rules, would be larger and therefore more expensive than our current ones. Everything would be enhanced to our benefit at no added cost to us. It is a win/win opportunity. Let us not pass this by.And for those of you who are concerned about undoing any already done:  if we do not succeed, there is no ability to enforce!We are 1/3 of the way there…Lets Do It!!!!!!!!!!

Simply complete the 150 Lot form on this page, have it notarized and send it to AAPOA, PO Box 8, AuSable Forks, NY 12912.

Thank you for supporting the future solvency of our Association which works for all of us.