Hoping to see you tomorrow (Saturday June 10) for our trail day work. We will see you all at the pavilion at 8:30 am. The forecast is for some chance of showers in the afternoon, you still might want to bring a raincoat. Bring if possible clipping tools. We also need a small chainsaw to cut some trees that are down on the silver and blue trails.

Thanks for volunteering everyone and we will see you on the 10th.
Trail Committee 

Important Notice!

The Silver Trail around Lake Eaton is going to be temporarily closed with immediate effect. As you probably know, the beavers have done some damage to the lake area, including the outlet on the opposite side of the Pavilion area. JLKN who owns the property is undertaking some work to clean up after the beavers and ensure the dam is safe and secure and water inflow and outflow is unobstructed.
Please respect the No Trespassing signs during the construction work. The lake area remains open but the complete trail system is closed for the time being. The work being done has full DEC approval. Any concerns should be directed to DEC, and not to anyone carrying out the onsite work.

“Slow Down & Brake for Turtles”

Please be aware to apply special caution as turtles navigate our roads during mating/nesting season. Turtles are active now through August.

See pictures below of high risk crossing areas in addition to Ridgetop: One on Ausable Drive before Sawmill. I’ve typically seen them crossing left to right end route to Ausable Forks.


To know more about your long-lived Adirondack neighbors, please read 

And refer to for valuable education and rehabilitation information. Importantly, how to safely help a turtle cross the road and/or what to do should you hit and/or come upon an injured turtle. Turtles are incredibly resilient and recovery is possible when done in a timely manner.

Thank you!
Laurie Conney
Evergreen Lane

Brake for Turtles!

DEC reminds motorists to “give turtles a brake” and they are already out.

Please drive with caution and keep an eye out for the wildlife – especially the turtles.

In the Ridgetop Area in the acres turtles are always crossing – so drive extra slow and keep your eyes open.

So Brake for Turtles!