Tomorrow we will be installing culvert pipe on the Au Sable Forks side of Au Sable Drive. Au Sable Drive will be down to on lane in this work zone for most of the day. Work is expected to start around 7AM. You can expect long delays so please allow extra time to reach your destination. This work is in preparation for the paving project that is scheduled for later in the summer.

Thank you.
Kevin Zaumetzer Town of Jay Highway Superintendent

Help Protect our Turtles

Notice: Please be on the lookout.  We have turtles crossing the roads in the Acres.  We ask everyone to use extra caution and watch for turtles crossing our roads.  We know at least one location on Ridgetop, by the first house on the right coming from AuSable Drive, where turtles are frequently crossing the road.  


Also:  With the warmer weather and summer just around the corner hikers, bikers, and children will be out on our roads. Please be cautious and help keep our roads safe! 

Pete DeFina, AAPOA President

Town of Jay Reassessment Project

The town held a meeting on December 8, 2016 to discuss the upcoming reassessment project. I know many of you were unable to attend. Two of the AAPOA board members attended the meeting and took the handouts.  Paul Longenderfer has placed all the handouts at the top of the website under the Owner Resources banner.  Feel free to read and/or print them for yourselves.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President


We are aware of a meeting that we think may be of interest to many home/property owners within the Acres. This information first appeared in the Jay Community News couple of days ago. We are also sending out the information in a mass email to the people for whom we have email addresses.

Over the past number of years, the AAPOA Board has fielded a number of inquiries from home and landowners regarding the assessment levels on their property(ies) within the Acres.
Apparently, in 2017 the Town of Jay will be carrying out a Town-wide Real Property reassessment project.
This coming Thursday, December 8th at 6PM, at the Town Hall in AuSable Forks (11 School Lane) the Town will be hosting an informational meeting for all property owners.
The presenters will be:
1. Donna Bramer- Jay Assessor
2. John Stack- NYS Real Property Analyst
3. Charli Lewis- Essex County Real Property Director

The presenters will cover:
1. The Assessment Process
2. The role of property owners
3. How Real Property works

Questions about this reassessment project will be answered.

If you have concerns regarding the assessment levels of property that you own within the Acres, this may prove to be a very informative meeting to attend.
WHAT: Town of Jay Reassessment Project
WHEN: Thursday December 8th
WHERE: Town Hall in AuSable Forks (11 School Lane)

Pete DeFina, AAPOA Secretary and Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President