AAPOA First Friday Holiday Gathering a Success!

Hi Everyone,

A quick update on our AuSable Acres Holiday Party.  It was a huge success with a great turnout.  The band, Tally and Pop, was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the music.

After dinner, people continued in the festive mood and enjoyed dancing to the lively music.  I want to thank everyone who helped clean up after the festivities.  We got a nice thank you from the President of Jems, for our decorations and clean up.

Thanks to all the people who helped us after the party.

We really appreciated it!
Happy Holidays,
Joan and Elyse

Tally and PoP Band

Acres Holiday Gathering Acres Holiday Potluck Gathering Acres Holiday GatheringAcres Holiday Gathering - Couples Dancing  Acres Holiday Gathering - Dancing

Pot Luck First Friday Dec 2nd, “Holiday Get Together” at 6:00pm.

Dec 2nd, “Holiday Get Together” at 6:00pm

There will be a $5.00 per person cash charge to cover the Amos and Julia Ward Theatre fee which can be paid at the door.

Bring a dish to share and a beverage of your choice.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at Joan Schuelein (schufly23@verizon.net) or call Elyse at 201-788-1904.

As part of the social activity committee, Elyse and I are looking forward to a great turnout and a wonderful evening with our Au Sable Acres friends, neighbors, and guests to celebrate the Holiday Season!

Thank you,
Joan Schuelein and Elyse Roller