AAPOA Meeting 10/7/17 Agenda

This will be our final meeting of 2017. We encourage all members to attend.  The agenda is attached below. You may wish to bring a copy with you.

OCTOBER 7, 2017


Prior to the start of our meeting, the Board has invited 2 groups of candidates to address us. First will be candidates for Town Council followed by        candidates for Highway Superintendent. Each group of candidates will be allowed a couple of minutes to give a brief statement regarding their candidacy. Then AAPOA members can ask any of the candidates some brief questions.

A. Introduction of Board members: Rick Bremer, Katy Bidelspach, Peter DeFina (president), Joe DeMarco (vice president), Phil Dooley (treasurer), Paul        Longenderfer, Jim Phillips, Knut Sauer (C&R enforcement), Allan Watnik (secretary)

B.  Approval of 7/1/2017 general meeting minutes- Allan

C.  Treasurer’s Report—Phil
1.  Income/Expense
2.  Account balances
3.  Proposed 2017-18 budget

D.  Committee Reports
1.  Architectural Committee- Joe
a. Report on issue with expired and/or no building permits
b. Active and new permits issued
2.  Membership—Pete
3.  Trail Committee- Paul
4.  Covenants and Restrictions Committee- Knut
a.  Outstanding violations—19 Hochsteig, 42 Traum
b.  Issue with camper in use this summer on vacant lot- Cayuga
5.  Other

E.  President’s Report
1.  On Being the newly elected president
2.  Pavilion plaque hung
3.  Mass email issue—# emails opened has fallen from 62% to 45%
4.  Other

F.  Old Business
1.  Neighborhood sign project—Jim
2.  150 lot project- Doug Barry

G.  New Business
H.  Adjournment

Pete DeFina, AAPOA President

Important Event Information

July 1st Membership Meeting

Date:  July 1st           Time: 10 AM           Place: The Community Center in AuSable Forks

All AAPOA members are invited to attend our semi-annual membership meeting.  Our agenda includes updates from our treasurer, and the Board president’s report.  We will also present committee reports on our membership, and architectural review committees.  Most important we will be electing 3 new members to the AAPOA Board.

Voting on any issues that may come before the membership is restricted to current 2017 members.  If you’re not already a 2017 member you can join at the meeting.

July 1st Picnic—Come Join Your Neighbors!!!

Date:  July 1ST                           Time: 2 PM                                         Place: Lake Eaton

On Saturday July 1st we will be hosting our annual 4th of July Picnic at Lake Eaton.  Festivities begin at 2 PM.  Please come join your friends and neighbors and be a part of celebrating our great little corner of the Adirondacks!!!  It will be a great afternoon of fun, food, and friends!

• All food (hamburger, hot dogs, chips), drinks (wine, beer, soda, water), and desert will be provided free!
• There will be a number of kids’ activities, and the volleyball/bocce ball courts are set up and ready to be used.
• The only thing you need to bring is a lawn chair.

Important Note Regarding The Picnic—Possible Postponement

The predicted weather for Saturday’s picnic is looking quite bad.  If there are a few stray showers we do have our new pavilion that will provide adequate protection.  However, if the forecast continues to call for more severe and continuous storms we may have to postpone the picnic to the following day: Sunday July 2nd  (starting at 2PM).  We will make that decision just prior to the start of the 10AM general meeting and announce any postponement at the meeting.  If postponing until Sunday occurs, we will also post that announcement on white boards attached to the AuSable Acres entrance signs at both ends of AuSable Drive, as well as the sign at the corner of AuSable Dr. and Sawmill.


Pete DeFina, AAPOA Secretary
AuSable Acres Property Owners’ Association
P.O. Box 8
AuSable Forks, New York 12912
(518) 217-8519

Town of Jay Reassessment Project

The town held a meeting on December 8, 2016 to discuss the upcoming reassessment project. I know many of you were unable to attend. Two of the AAPOA board members attended the meeting and took the handouts.  Paul Longenderfer has placed all the handouts at the top of the website under the Owner Resources banner.  Feel free to read and/or print them for yourselves.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Upcoming AAPOA General Membership Meeting

The final 2016 AAPOA General Membership meeting will be on:

Saturday, October 8, 2016

10:00 am

AuSable Forks Community Center

     All 2016 members are invited to attended. The agenda will include Town of Jay Supervisior, Archie Depo, and Highway Superintendent, Robbie Lincoln. They will address the audience and answer questions at the beginning of the meeting.

Doug Barry will have the forms and information on the 150 lot project for anyone interested. We are getting close to 150. Please consider joining if you haven’t already done so. There will be a notary present at the meeting for those who find that step keeps them from completing the process.

Next year’s budget will also be presented, discussed and voted upon.  Please try to attend. Thank you.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President



July 2nd Meeting Summary

At our General Membership Meeting elections were held for three board seats. Rick Bremer, Jim Phillips and Pete DeFina were all reelected for three year terms.  Board officers were elected by the board after the Membership Meeting. Rosemary Barry will again be serving as President along with Joe DeMarco as Vice-President. Pete DeFina will remain as Secretary and Phil Dooley will continue as Treasurer until next July’s meeting.

There was a discussion and vote on the Incidental Business Draft. After the discussion, the draft was unanimously passed by a vote of 27-0. A copy of it is on the website under “Governance”.

The pavilion is nearing completion and will be used at the picnic. Loyd Brewer and Phil Dooley were thanked for building it. Joe DeMarco helped as well. An appeal was made for donations so we can take advantage of the generous matching fund offer from Eric Johanson.  (See previous post).

The Adopt A Road program has added new volunteers. The list will be placed in the next newsletter.

There was another appeal for the 150 lot project and there were quite a few people who signed up. By the end of the day we had reached 115 people in the project. I strongly urge all of you to read the documents on this website, then download and complete the forms. The notary form must be used as that is what Essex County will accept to verify your signature. The other form tells us what parcels will be added to the project. We can look up the tax ID number for you. Email me if you have questions.

We are looking for volunteers to help Jim Phillips replace the neighborhood signs. Please let me know if you can help and I will pass your name and contact information on to him.

The new water tank is slated for completion in early November.

The complete minutes from the October 10 meeting have been posted. The minutes are only posted after they are approved by members at the following meeting.

Enjoy the summer.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President