Few, but diligent, hard workers for Roadside Cleanup

On Saturday, May 21, there were just six people to clean the main roads in the Acres.  Elyse and Charlie Roller, Joe DeMarco, Pat and Ron Levine and Pam Brewer did all they could to clean AuSable Drive of winter’s accumulated litter.  It really is too bad that so few people showed up. It is, of course, also too bad that there are so many people who throw litter. While our Adopt A Road has had success attracting volunteers, it has been mostly for the less travelled roads, the lake area and silver trail.  Most of Sawmill Dr. has been adopted as well. We need some people to adopt sections of AuSable Drive and regularly pick up the litter. We will have another roadside cleanup on Saturday, August 20, 2016. If we cannot get enough help, it will be something the board will no longer schedule and conduct.  With so many people here, we should be able to get 20-30 people to give an hour or two of their time twice a year. The board can’t do it all. Please consider adopting a section of AuSable Drive, especially from the lake to AuSable Forks.  If you are willing, simply send me an email at president@ and it will be yours. Thank you.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA

Response to Roadside Cleanup

I received this email after the posts about the Roadside Cleanup. I got the sender’s permission to pass it on to you. Here it is:

Just wanted to say ” Thank You ” to all of those who helped with the clean up! We live in New Jersey and are not up there for a lot of the things that go on. But once we retire things will be different. It is so sad that people throw out their garbage on the side of the road! It it that hard to take it back home and throw it out? Or go and put in a trash can at a business if you can’t stand it in your car! People in the area should be vigilant about getting plate #’s of people doing this from their car. I have no problem doing this myself. Someone did this at my home and I waited till they left their car and picked up their trash and put it on their hood with a note that if I saw this again I would report them (I had their plate #). They never did it again. I am interested in seeing the next newsletter what ideas you have to help solve this. Again, thank you to all those who helped. Kathleen C.

Also, several more people volunteered to Adopt A Road so we are off to a good start. If anyone wishes to adopt the picnic area to keep it clean and/or remove fallen branches, that can be done, too.  Just let me know. It is clear that there is a lot to do to keep the Acres looking lovely and the more helpers we have the easier and more successful we will be. Thanks.

See you at the picnic tomorrow. Don’t forget your chairs.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA

Roadside Cleanup: Good News/Bad News

On Saturday, August 29th, 13 AAPOA members met at Lake Eaton to perform our semi-annual cleanup. The good news is that there were thirteen members who came out on a beautiful Saturday morning for this task. They were: Ray Longinetti, Rick Bremer, Bill and Lynne Johnson, Mignon and Martin Tyler, Laurie George, Greg and Nancy MacDonald, Loyd Brewer, Doug and Rosemary Barry, and chairperson Joe DeMarco.  Thanks to their hard work, AuSable Drive, Sawmill Rd and Cross St. were all thoroughly cleaned.  For a few hours everything looked lovely.

Now the bad news. By Sunday morning there was already trash along the side of the roads and it was worse on Monday morning.  You get the picture. I simply don’t understand how people can throw trash from a car in such a beautiful area (or any area, actually.)  My next post is going to explain a new program that the AAPOA has begun to try to get a handle of this.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA

AAPOA Spring Roadside Cleanup Held

On Saturday, May 16, a small but hardworking group did our spring Roadside Cleanup. It was particularly disturbing this year because of a scattered load of dumped diapers that were along AuSable Drive. It is hard to believe these things happen in our community. I would like to thank the following for all their hard work on this job:  Richard Bremer, Loyd and Pam Brewer, Bob and Mary Lou Moriarty, John Mehrman, Liza Mintz and Joe DeMarco. We have our second Clean Up August 29th. We could really use additional help since the litter doesn’t seem to diminish.  Thanks again.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Semi Annual Roadside Cleanup Accomplishes Its Goal

Thanks to the hard work of 15 of our AAPOA members, the main roads of AuSable Acres were cleared of trash and litter on Saturday morning, May 24th. Once again it is surprising and sad how much people dump on the roadside. I want to thank Phil and Marilou Dooley, Frank Krueger, Tim Mainzer, Joyce Phillips, Loyd and Pam Brewer, Nancy and Greg MacDonald, Rosemary and Doug Barry, Pat and Ron Levine and Barbara and Frank Signorelli.  Because of so many volunteers, we were able to clear Sawmill Dr. and Cross St. of litter as well as AuSable Dr. from one end to the other!

Our last cleanup this year will be on Saturday, August 30th at 9:00. It takes about 90 minutes and it is worth the effort to keep the roads where we live litter free (even for a while). We meet at the lake. Please try to join us.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA