Roadside Cleanup: Good News/Bad News

On Saturday, August 29th, 13 AAPOA members met at Lake Eaton to perform our semi-annual cleanup. The good news is that there were thirteen members who came out on a beautiful Saturday morning for this task. They were: Ray Longinetti, Rick Bremer, Bill and Lynne Johnson, Mignon and Martin Tyler, Laurie George, Greg and Nancy MacDonald, Loyd Brewer, Doug and Rosemary Barry, and chairperson Joe DeMarco.  Thanks to their hard work, AuSable Drive, Sawmill Rd and Cross St. were all thoroughly cleaned.  For a few hours everything looked lovely.

Now the bad news. By Sunday morning there was already trash along the side of the roads and it was worse on Monday morning.  You get the picture. I simply don’t understand how people can throw trash from a car in such a beautiful area (or any area, actually.)  My next post is going to explain a new program that the AAPOA has begun to try to get a handle of this.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA

AAPOA Spring Roadside Cleanup Held

On Saturday, May 16, a small but hardworking group did our spring Roadside Cleanup. It was particularly disturbing this year because of a scattered load of dumped diapers that were along AuSable Drive. It is hard to believe these things happen in our community. I would like to thank the following for all their hard work on this job:  Richard Bremer, Loyd and Pam Brewer, Bob and Mary Lou Moriarty, John Mehrman, Liza Mintz and Joe DeMarco. We have our second Clean Up August 29th. We could really use additional help since the litter doesn’t seem to diminish.  Thanks again.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Semi Annual Roadside Cleanup Accomplishes Its Goal

Thanks to the hard work of 15 of our AAPOA members, the main roads of AuSable Acres were cleared of trash and litter on Saturday morning, May 24th. Once again it is surprising and sad how much people dump on the roadside. I want to thank Phil and Marilou Dooley, Frank Krueger, Tim Mainzer, Joyce Phillips, Loyd and Pam Brewer, Nancy and Greg MacDonald, Rosemary and Doug Barry, Pat and Ron Levine and Barbara and Frank Signorelli.  Because of so many volunteers, we were able to clear Sawmill Dr. and Cross St. of litter as well as AuSable Dr. from one end to the other!

Our last cleanup this year will be on Saturday, August 30th at 9:00. It takes about 90 minutes and it is worth the effort to keep the roads where we live litter free (even for a while). We meet at the lake. Please try to join us.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA

Mark Your Calendars, upcoming AAPOA events

As summer draws to a close there are two events I hope you will be willing to take part in.

1. There will be our second roadside cleanup of the year next Saturday, August 24th. We will meet at Lake Eaton at 9:00 am. There is a lot to pick up and the more helpers we have the more roadsides can be done. Summer seems to bring out lots of trash throwers. All volunteers are welcome. It usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half. In case of rain, it will be held on 8/25. Same time and place.

2. Our annual Labor Day Potluck Picnic will be held on Sunday, September 1st, at 2:00 at Lake Eaton. Last year we had more than 50 people and everyone had a good time. We will provide beverages and paper goods. Everyone is welcome to bring a dish to share and see old and new friends. Our July 6th events were such a success that we are hopeful for a good turnout at the Labor Day picnic as well. We will be selling the AuSable Acres t-shirts again, in case you didn’t have a chance to get one at the last meeting and picnic. The cost is $15 for one and 2/$25. There is no rain date for this event. Hope to see you there.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA

Roadside Cleanup Coming Up

The second roadside cleanup of the year in AuSable Acres will be on August 24, 2013 at 9:00 am. We will meet at the lake. Since the weather was so bad for the one we did in May, only a few hardy souls showed up and many of the roads were left undone. Since then litter has piled up on the sides of all the roads. Please try to help. It usually takes about an hour or so. The more workers we have, the more we can get done. All volunteers greatly appreciated.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA