Hoping to see you tomorrow (Saturday June 10) for our trail day work. We will see you all at the pavilion at 8:30 am. The forecast is for some chance of showers in the afternoon, you still might want to bring a raincoat. Bring if possible clipping tools. We also need a small chainsaw to cut some trees that are down on the silver and blue trails.

Thanks for volunteering everyone and we will see you on the 10th.
Trail Committee 


Over the last week there have been concerns raised about unleashed dogs on the trails, on roads and on others properties.  While we know most of our companion dogs are just playful and happy, this may not be the case with all dogs.  Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and not every dog is friendly with other dogs/animals.  With a lot of construction going on in the Acres it could also be a safety issue for the dog.

We would like to remind you there is a leash law in the Town of Jay, but more importantly be considerate to your neighbors and fellow Acres residents and keep your companion leashed.

AAPOA Trail Committee

AuSable Acres Property Owners’ Association

The AAPOA Trail Committee is re-marking our trail system.

Eventually all trails will be re-marked with either a circular or a triangular trail marker.

The markers will have a newly designed double “A” logo stenciled on it    

We are marking only the trails that JLKN Acres and the AAPOA agreed to allow members of the AAPOA to utilize.

Please remember that the trail system is private property owned by JLKN Acres.  People using the trail system must have the permission of JLKN ACRES or be a member of the AAPOA to hike these trails.

Please hike safely!!!