Acres Trail Committee Meeting


When: Saturday October 21st

Where: Lake Eaton Parking Lot

Time: 8:30 AM

Join us for our fall trail maintenance day. We’ll meet at the Lake Eaton parking lot at 8:30 AM and then gather in teams and disperse to work on different parts of our trail system. Everyone is welcome as we have a list of different projects, some of which don’t include heavy lifting or a need for experience in trail work.

Please wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty including closed toe shoes and work gloves. We’ll need tools for our work and would appreciate if you could bring any of the following: shovel, garden rake, pick ax, pry bar and loppers.

Bring your own water and lunch as we’ll eat on the trail.

The event is rain or shine and contact Paul at to RSVP or for any questions. Please bring your neighbors and friends as we need all the help we can get!

Trail Day – Hard Work in the Rain


The trails committee held a maintenance day in May. On a rainy Saturday, the team of Kevin McDonough, Frank Krueger and Jim Jacobs gathered to do a wide sweeping clean-up and pruning of the Green trail. The team started at the AuSable Drive trailhead and worked several miles heading back to the Kitzbuhel area of the Acres.  There will be another Trail Day on October 7th. All are welcome to help. Thanks to our trail committee, the trails are looking better and better. We know our members are enjoying them.

Paul Longenderfer, AAPOA Board Member and Trail Comm. Chairperson

The Acres Gets Ready for Summer

Last Saturday, May 20th, Bill and Lynne Johnson, Charlie and Elyse Roller, Bob & Lou Moriarty and Kate and Zach Zientko participated in the roadside cleanup which was organized by board members Joe DeMarco and Loyd Brewer.  Thanks to our members who have adopted roads throughout the Acres, the cleanup crew focused on side roads.  Gerry and Michelle Loughren and Fran Shumway cleaned AuSable Dr. from one end to the other before the scheduled cleanup.

I want to thank all those who have adopted roads and who participated in the cleanup. Since all of us have a stake in keeping the Acres beautiful, it is wonderful to have so many helpers.

The bathrooms are now open and the water fountain has been turned on for the summer.  The tennis court net is up and we have a new volunteer, Jim Jacobs, who will take care of the court. Thanks, Jim.

Paul Longenderfer and the trail committee had a work day early in May. They have plenty to do and will have another day in October.  Thanks to all the hard workers who keep the trails in such great shape. It is an endless project.

I look forward to seeing you on July 1st at the meeting and at the picnic.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Trail Day, May 7, 2016 was a Big Success

Another successful trails work day was held last Saturday and our group had beautiful weather throughout.

The team replaced a few smaller, crumbling boardwalks with one long bridge over the stream on the Yellow trail. The entire area is stream and wetlands and this bridge will enable AAPOA hikers, bikers and runners access over this area reducing erosion.

I want to thanks our volunteers:
Kevin McDonough and his dog, Marcy, Frank Krueger, Greg Karl, Jim Jacobs and Laurie George for all the wood carrying, arranging and building. A huge thanks to Kevin and Frank for planning the bridge, buying the wood (fortunately funded by the association!) and pre-cutting.

This is the third year of the trails committee and I’m always impressed with the turnout and what we accomplish. Looking forward to our day in the Fall.

Until then, enjoy the attached pics.

Paul Longenderfer, Trail Comm. Chair

Beginning construction of the bridge.

Beginning construction of the bridge.

Progress moved right along.

Progress moved right along.

A Day's Work Well Done

A Day’s Work Well Done

Trails Maintenance Day – Sunday, October 11th

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, October 11th for this year’s Fall Trails Maintenance Day. NOTE: this is a different date from the one published in the Spring newsletter.

We’ll meet at the Lake Eaton parking lot at 8:30 AM and then disperse from there, most likely working on the Silver trail and possibly a few other projects throughout our trail system.

Please email Paul at plonge1 (at) with any question or to let us know if you can volunteer.


Paul Longenderfer, AAPOA Board Member