AAPOA Has Very Productive Spring Trail Maintenance Day

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, the Trail Committee, led by chairperson Paul Longenderfer, met to work on the Blue Trail in the Acres. They trenched, drained and rebuilt several wet areas and built a bridge over a small stream. The team dug release points to drain the areas and a trench system to continually drain the area in the future.

This work will help reduce erosion and will lead to a better hiking and biking experience for our members. In addition to Paul Longenderfer, the following AAPOA members of the Trail Committee volunteered their time to make the day a success: Frank Krueger, Phil Dooley, Greg Karl, Jim Jacobs, Cory Egglefield and Margaret Horn.

A special thanks go to Frank for his time scoping the Blue Trail for the bridge placement and to both Frank and Kevin McDonough for buying and cutting the wood prior to the work day.

It is wonderful to have active AAPOA members who go the extra mile for all of us. Thank you all for your time and effort.  AAPOA members are welcome to check out this trail and all our other hiking trails.

The next Trail Maintenance Day is scheduled for October 4, 2014. Let us know by email if you are willing to help out on this committee.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA

Frank Krueger stands at the new bridge

Trail Committee Completes Another Project

I want to thank everyone who came out to Trail Maintenance Day on Saturday, October 5, 2013.  We had great attendance, completed our projects earlier than anticipated and beat the rain.  Here’s an overview of our accomplishments:

1.  Built seven bog bridges on the Silver trail, which goes around Lake Eaton.  One near the trail head approaching the beaver dam and six more within the next half mile of trail.  The bridges will help aid in preventing further erosion of the trail in several very wet areas and will lead to a better hiking experience for everyone.

2. Cut branches and removed other objects from the entire Silver trail.  All blowdown and branches that were growing into the trail were removed, resulting in a safer and more fun hike around the lake.

I’d like to specifically thank those who volunteered their time to make our Trail Maintenance Day a success: Greg Karl, Laurie George, Kevin McDonough, Frank Krueger, Tim Fitzgerald, Jim Jacobs, Paul Longenderfer, Greg Barlow, Matt Dobbs, Alex Domingue, Mike Diehl

In addition, I’d like to thank both Kevin and Frank for monetary donations for additional materials, their time scoping the Silver trail for bridge placement and to Kevin for buying the wood at Ward lumber.  Ward was generous in giving us a discount on some of the materials. Finally, a thanks to Gregory Wright for donating his old deck wood, to Greg Karl who reached out to Gregory Wright to ask him for the donation and to Kevin and Frank who sorted and hauled away the donated wood.

Paul Longenderfer, Chairperson Trail Committee and AAPOA Board member.

One of seven new bridges on the Silver trail

One of seven new bridges on the Silver trail.

Volunteers hard at work during Trail Maintenance Day.

Volunteers hard at work during Trail Maintenance Day.

AuSable Acres Trail Maintenance Day May 4

Join us for our first official trail maintenance day on May 4.  We’ll meet at the Tennis Courts at 8:30AM and then gather in teams and disperse to work on different parts of our trail system. Everyone is welcome as we have a list of different projects, some of which don’t include heavy lifting or a need for experience in trail work.

Please wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty including closed toe shoes and work gloves.  We’ll need tools for our work and would appreciate it if you could bring any of the following: shovel, garden rake, pick ax, pry bar and loppers.

Bring your own water and lunch as we’ll eat on the trail.  Join us afterwards, probably late afternoon, to share tales of our work and a few supplied beverages.

The event is rain or shine and contact Paul at plonge1@gmail.com to RSVP or with questions. Please bring your neighbors and friends as we need all the help we can get.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you on May 4th!

Paul Longenderfer, AAPOA Board Member and Trails Committee Chair

River Access Path Now Open

On Saturday, July 30th, Doug Barry, Loyd Brewer, Pete DeFina, Joe DeMarco, Mike Dielh, Ron Levine, Tim Mainzer and Dave Zientko cleared the access and made a path from River Road to the AuSable River and put up a sign so our members will know where the river access is located.  They did a great job. We ask that you keep to the cleared path. Thanks to these members we now have a path that is easy to access and use.