Winter Trail Etiquette

Above are new winter trail signs that are about to be posted.  You may have noticed the significant increase in our trail usage, which is a good thing.  It’s nice to see so many people exercising safely outdoors during this awful pandemic.  We do need to be aware that, during the winter, our trail system is used for a variety of activities. We need to be mindful that your use of the trails doesn’t ruin the trails for other activities.  If we ever get some deep snow, fingers crossed, “barebooting” can be a serious problem.  Please use snow shoes.  At the moment, ice on the trails is increasing and the use of microspikes is an important piece of safety equipment to at least bring with you on your hike.

Enjoy and be safe!!! 

Trail Cleanup

AAPOA Trail Committee is hosting a trail cleanup day on Oct. 10.  Please meet at the pavilion at 10:00 a.m.  Participants will be asked to select a trail to hike and police for litter and to trim overhanging brush or branches.  Please bring pruning shears and a bag for litter.  Participants will be back in plenty of time for the general membership meeting. Contact Bill Gibney at with any questions.

AAPOA General Meeting

TO BE HELD JULY 4TH           Picnic:  CANCELLED
Under phase 4, which the North Country entered on June 26th social gatherings of up to 50 people are permitted.  That will allow us to hold the regularly scheduled General Membership meeting.  But the picnic, which always exceeds that number, is cancelled.


When: Saturday, July 4th
Where: The pavilion at the lake (The community center in the Forks remains closed)
Time: 2 PM
Rain date: Sunday, July 5th same place and time


  • The membership will socially distance themselves on the lawn area in front of the pavilion.
  • Please bring your own lawn chairs
  • The AAPOA Board will spread out in the pavilion. 
  • Please bring/wear a mask
  • We will attempt to keep the meeting to about an hour


The Board understands that with the Canadian/US border closed, our Canadian neighbors will be unable to attend the meeting– The border is presently closed until July 21st, and it is not known at this time if it will re-open at that point or if the closure will be extended.  To help mitigate the fact that numbers of people will be unable to attend, we will do the following:

Next week we will mass email the general meeting agenda to all members.  If you are not able to attend and would like to offer a comment on a specific agenda item, you will be able to send that comment by connecting to the following link: or call the AAPOA at 1-518-217-8519.

Please note that there are no votes scheduled to occur at this meeting except to elect 4 board members—3 regular terms are ending and there is 1 vacancy to fill.  All 3 incumbents are running for re-election and we have 1 person running to fill the 1 year remaining in the vacant board position.  Therefore, none of the races are currently being contested.

PICNICAs stated above the picnic is cancelled.  There is no assurance that social gatherings of over 100 people will be allowed this summer in our area.  While the picnic is a fun event and always well attended – we’ve recently had as many as 125+ people at our July picnic, the Board just felt that cancelling this year’s picnic was a reasonable choice.  Even if allowed, many people would still remain uneasy about attending, and we felt that communal cooking and eating would probably not be wise.

We hope that all AAPOA members will bear with us during this extremely unusual and unprecedented time in our country.