Pavilion Update

In case you have been wondering where the pavilion is, I thought I would give you an update.  The final plans had to be discussed with John Johanson, from JLKN. They own the land. He reviewed the materials with Loyd Brewer in late June. Some changes were made and will be incorporated once the change in costs are worked out. We also had to sign a license agreement with JLKN in order to have and maintain a building on their land. That has been done. John and his family have been cooperative partners working with us on this project.

At this time it appears the construction will be done in the spring of 2016.  Stay tuned and hope for dry weather when we hold functions until then.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Request From Forever Wild Water Co.

Bret Keeney, owner of Forever Wild Water Company attended our meeting yesterday to update the members on the work the water company has done and what it plans to do in the future. As part of this discussion, he told the membership that he realizes that the water company needs to do a better job of communicating with us in the event of any water emergency. To that end, he is asking that all of us send our email addresses to him. They will keep them on file and use them only when necessary. The request was in a letter in the most recent bill, but they received very few responses. You can send the email to him at or you can send it to them with your payment. This is important, so please send it to him soon. Thank you.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Upcoming AAPOA Events

There are two events for members and guests this coming Labor Day weekend. The first is our semi-annual Roadside Cleanup which is Saturday, August 30th at 9:00. We had a good turnout Memorial Day weekend but, I am sorry to say, there is lots of litter along the roads again. If you can help us by cleaning a section of roadway, please come to the lake at 9:00. It takes about an hour and a half to do one section, so you still have lots of the day left for fun. We are hoping for a dry morning so no rain date is scheduled.

The second event is our annual Pot Luck Picnic. The picnic is at the lake at 2:00 and, if you come, please bring a dish to share. Last year we had 40 people and the food was really good.  Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. We will provide wine, water and soda. There is no rain date for this event.

I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and some new ones, too.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Cell Service Problem in Jay

I am copying a post that was in tonight’s Jay Community News for your information, in case you missed it. Thanks to Trudy Rosenblum for all she does with the Jay Community News.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

I just wanted to make you aware of the current situation with the lack of cell service within the Town of Jay since Sunday. There are a couple of factors that are contributing to this lack of coverage; one being a problem with the Bassett Mountain Tower and also a main T1 Line is down between Long Lake and Tupper Lake. Verizon crews are in the process of locating and fixing this problem.

I have been in constant contact with Essex County Emergency Services Director Donald Jaquish, Verizon Wireless and the Public Service Commission in order to monitor this situation. I am aware that some constituents rely solely on cell phones and no longer have a land line available, so I want to reassure you that in the event of emergency, cell users can dial 911 on their Verizon device and it will connect to a backup line that will automatically roll over to an emergency dispatch operator.

Please be advised that I am working diligently with the proper authorities to have full service restored to our area as soon as possible.

My best to you, and I hope that you are having a safe and enjoyable summer.

Randy Douglas
Town of Jay Supervisor