A vibrant community is built on those involved and we’d love your help on one or more of the Acres committees.  Please reach out to the contacts below for more information or to volunteer.

ARCHITECTURAL                                            TRAIL MAINTENANCE
Oversee the AAPOA Architectural                     Maintain the ten mile trail system
review process.                                                   located in AuSable Acres.
Chair:  Joe DeMarco                                           Chair:  Paul Longenderfer
jodemarco[at]                                plonge1[at]

ROADSIDE CLEAN-UP                                     PLANTERS
Semi-annual clean-up of                                      Maintain planter barrels located at
community roads.                                                road intersections.
Chair:  Joe DeMarco                                           Chair:  Mary Ann Dee
jodemarco[at]                                madee[at]

SECURITY PATROL                                         TENNIS COURT
Safety patrol of Acres roads and                        General maintenance of the
common areas.                                                   Tennis court and surrounding area.
Chair:  Pat Levine                                                Chair:  TBD

Plan the July and Labor Day picnics
including activities and other logistics.
Chair:  Paul Longenderfer