Fall 2023 Roadside Cleanup

Hello Neighbors,

Please mark your calendars for the week of October 15-22nd. For your convenience, if you’re unable to manage your collected waste, it can be left behind the pavilion no later than 3pm on Sunday, October 22nd.Acres Roadside Cleanup

The format remains the same as it was this past Spring. Whether you’re Adopt-a-Road Members or concerned neighbors, you’re able to choose your route, day, time and move at your own pace.

I think we’re all aware of the spike in garbage buildup along our roadsides. In fact, if you’re like me, you’re reminded of it every day you use them. There are days when I’m afraid of becoming insensitive to the cause. Then I remind myself that we’re in this together and we can make a difference against those that are irresponsible and litter.

Please grab a friend or a neighbor and join us for our Annual Fall Roadside Cleanup week!

And thank you!

Go well,
Laurie Conney,
Roadside Cleanup Committee Member