Forever Wild Water Company Tank Replacement Application

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The AAPOA Board wants to update all AuSable Acres residents on a project our water company, Forever Wild Water Company (FWWC), has been working on with the Department of Public Service (DPS), which oversees utility companies in New York State.

The project entails the replacement of the Summit Lane water tank which is extremely old and in serious disrepair. That single tank is the source of water for the majority of the homes in the Acres. In order to replace the tank the FWWC needs to secure a loan of approximately $450,000. Doing so requires the FWWC to file an application with and receive the approval of the DPS.

That process has been going on for many months. The proposal calls for a new 158,000 gallon tank to be placed on a new foundation beside the current Summit Lane tank. In addition, the proposal includes a much needed electronic monitoring and control system that will allow FWWC to remotely monitor the tank for potential issues.

Since this past summer, the board, through our President Rosemary Barry, has received regular updates from Bret Keeney of FWWC, as well as several members of the DPS staff on the progress of the application process. As a result of those conversations, especially with members of the DPS, the AAPOA Board is satisfied that the DPS has ensured the proposal meets both DPS and Health Dept. requirements and the loan terms are the best that can be secured by FWWC.

The approval process is now in its final stages and is currently on the agenda for discussion and approval at DPS’ February 26, 2015 meeting. The loan and subsequent tank project will not result in a rate increase for FWWC customers. The current $50 quarterly surcharge will go towards paying off the loan. FWWC is securing a 15-year loan at a guaranteed rate of 5.5% for the first five years, at which time the bank can adjust the rate.

Just a quick reminder: property and home owners’ dues for the calendar year 2015 are now due.

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Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President

Pete DeFina, Membership Chairperson and AAPOA Secretary