Has Anyone Found a Missing Canoe?

The Ciesielskis have a home at 38 Alder Street . For the last three years they have always locked their canoe up at the lake.  This July the canoe was taken when one of their children accidentally forgot to lock it up.  Ms. Ciesielski called the state police but never heard anything from them.

It is a silver Grumman canoe, 17 ft long . There could still be some brown paint on it where their address was written. It was locked up near the swing set at the lake . The family is checking to see if anyone  might have found the canoe. If you have seen it, you can call  Kathleen Ciesielski at 732-672-9856 (cell) or 732-251-3912 (home).

Thank you.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President