Have You Paid Your 2017 Dues Yet?

The AAPOA 2017 membership dues are currently being collected. We had over 300 members last year and have close to 200 right now.  Have you sent your dues in yet?  If you were a member in the recent past, Pete DeFina just sent an email reminder to you. If you haven’t joined in a long while, or ever, please make this the year you join.  The dues are $55 if you own a home or $25 if you own a lot. The dues haven’t gone up in 11 years. For that small amount we maintain all the hiking/skiing trails in the Acres, the tennis court and the lake area.  The amenities are only for the use of our members. We just completed a beautiful pavilion at the lake which is also available for the use of our members. I ask you to consider joining the AAPOA. You won’t be sorry.  A membership form is at the top of this website under the Owners’ Resources banner. Let this be the year with the largest membership we have ever had! Thank you.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA