Important update from the town supervisor

Weekly Update:

This week we held a special meeting to pass Local Law #3 of 2023. This local law repealed a local law from 2004 which combined our highway department, water and sewer department, and park department under the umbrella of the Department of Public Works. This 2004 law made the elected Superintendent of Highways the Director of Public Works, which placed the stress of all three departments on one person’s shoulders. A former Town of Jay, NY highway employee stated during the recent public hearing that this simply did not work. The Town of Jay Town Board thought this was the time to repeal this 2004 law, as we have received resignations by our DPW Director, Deputy DPW Director and Water and Sewer operator.

How does Local Law #3 of 2023 affect you? You will not notice a difference in the operation of services in the Town of Jay. We feel reverting back to the days before the DPW was created will ease the stress of the Superintendent of Highways, and allow them to focus more on the care and maintenance of 300+ line miles of roads in the Town of Jay. The Water and Sewer Operator will become a department head, as such, they will have a time to address the Town of Jay Town Board at each monthly meeting. Just because these departments will now be separated, it does not mean that the departments will not work together from time to time.

Why is this the time to repeal the 2004 DPW law? Due to the resignation of the Town of Jay Highway Superintendent, the Town of Jay must appoint a successor Superintendent to serve through December 31, 2024. The Town of Jay Town Board feels it will be easier to find an interested candidate to serve as the Superintendent, than a DPW Director. Since the inception of this well thought out law, it did not take into consideration the increased stress on one individual.

Lastly, any persons interested in being considered for the Superintendent of Highways may call the Town at 518-647-2204. The Town of Jay is also looking for individuals who are interested in working for the highway department and/or the water and sewer department. Anyone interested, contact the number above or stop into the Community Center for an application.

Hope you have a great week,