Loose Dogs in Acres Causing Problems

Recently I was contacted about two disturbing incidents regarding loose dogs in the Acres. In the first one, someone out jogging was threatened by a loose dog near Sequoia Mountain Road and Algonquin Lane. Luckily the jogger wasn’t bitten. She was terrified. In the second incident loose dogs have been using the area on and around Fawn Lane as their toilet and the owner has not been picking up after their dog. We continually have a problem with people not picking up after their dogs around the lake, also. This is very unhealthy. Many children play in this area.

The Town of Jay has a very clear leash law which I am attaching to the bottom of this post. Randy Douglas, Supervisor of the Town of Jay, gave me a copy of the law and said anyone who witnesses anything like this should call the Animal Control Officer, John Pulcifer. His number is (518) 578-0430. Until recently we had a different name and phone number. This is one I just received from Randy so it is most current.

AuSable Acres is a beautiful place and it shouldn’t be spoiled for all because of the actions of a few irresponsible people. If you are an owner, guest or renter, you are responsible for your pet.

Please, please don’t be part of the problem. You will be reported if you are caught.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President