Mark Your Calendars for a Party

Welcome in spring with your neighbors by attending the AAPOA Spring Year Rounder’s dinner. This year’s dinner will be held at the Hungry Trout Restaurant in Wilmington. Some fun and “get to know your neighbor” activities will take place with door prizes to win. There will be a 50/50 raffle as well so spread the word and don’t miss out on this year’s exciting event. The menu will consist of a beef, chicken, or trout option and includes dessert. As in the past, there will be an open bar before dinner. The cost is estimated to be approx. $25.00 per person. The date is set for Thursday, May 26th. Open bar from 6:00-6:30, dinner at 7:00. Be watching for an email from MaryAnn Dee as the time draws closer to choose your dinner options. If you don’t think Mary Ann has your current email address and are interested in coming, please contact me. For more information or questions, contact Joyce Phillips at 354 9635. Hope to see you there.

Joyce Phillips