New Board Members Elected and AAPOA Constitution Amended

At our General Membership Meeting on Saturday, July 6, 2013, elections were held to fill three available seats on the AAPOA Board of Directors. Jim Phillips and Tim Mainzer were newly elected and Pete DeFina was reelected. All will serve three year terms. Following the Gen. Meeting, the Board met to elect officers for 2013-2014. Rosemary Barry was reelected President, Joe DeMarco was reelected Vice-President, Pete DeFina was reelected Secretary and Tim Mainzer was elected Treasurer ( a post he has held in the past).

Following the procedure outlined in our Constitution to amend the By-laws, petitions were submitted with 30 signatures which allowed us to discuss and vote on the following amendment to Article V at the meeting Saturday. Beginning this year the second General Membership Meeting will be held in the Fall, sometime between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. The board recommended this change due to the poor attendance at our December meetings over the last few years. We hope more of our members will be able to attend when it is in the Fall. The next meeting date will be announced soon.

Highlights from the wonderful events that took place during our 50th Anniversary Celebration held on July 6th will be in future posts. Stay tuned.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA