Property Tax Assessment and Grievance

During our AAPOA membership meeting today there was a discussion on how the Property Tax grievance process works.  

Here is a link that explains the process:

According to the link, typically the grievance deadline is in May, but please check with the local assessors office, or contact Town Hall.

First step should always be to contact the Town assessor, and ask for an appointment to discuss the assessment, and the review process.  They should be able to guide you as to your options and next step.

If you are unhappy with the assessors decision, you can appear before the Town’s Board of Assessment Review (BAR).

If you remain unhappy about the outcome the third step is a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) with an independent hearing examiner.

Link to “official” website:

Link to Instructions how to file:

Link to Form to file:

Remember, a solid piece of evidence will probably be a current appraisal in your favor, and make sure the comparable properties used in the appraisal are fair and truly comparable to your home.