Randy Douglas trying to get Charter Communications to the Acres

Randy Douglas, Supervisor of the Town of Jay, is asking for our support as he tries to get broadband internet in the Acres. He needs as many letters as possible very soon. Here is a copy of the request he sent to me.

I am applying in conjunction with the Town of Wilmington, and Charter Communications, with the help of the Essex County Community resources Department for a grant to bring Broadband to Au Sable Acres and areas in the Town of Wilmington. Charter has verbally agreed to put up the matching financial requirements of 30 percent of the overall project cost. We are encouraging letters of support from the Au Sable Acres Homeowners stating how important Broadband would be to them, if we were to be successful. Any letters you could help solicit would be most appreciated. Thanks for considering. Any letters can be sent directly to me Town of Jay Supervisor Randy Douglas at P.O box 730, Au Sable Forks N.Y. 12912. Letters may also be sent to me at supervisor@townofjay.net.

Please help as quickly as you can.


Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President