Response to Roadside Cleanup

I received this email after the posts about the Roadside Cleanup. I got the sender’s permission to pass it on to you. Here it is:

Just wanted to say ” Thank You ” to all of those who helped with the clean up! We live in New Jersey and are not up there for a lot of the things that go on. But once we retire things will be different. It is so sad that people throw out their garbage on the side of the road! It it that hard to take it back home and throw it out? Or go and put in a trash can at a business if you can’t stand it in your car! People in the area should be vigilant about getting plate #’s of people doing this from their car. I have no problem doing this myself. Someone did this at my home and I waited till they left their car and picked up their trash and put it on their hood with a note that if I saw this again I would report them (I had their plate #). They never did it again. I am interested in seeing the next newsletter what ideas you have to help solve this. Again, thank you to all those who helped. Kathleen C.

Also, several more people volunteered to Adopt A Road so we are off to a good start. If anyone wishes to adopt the picnic area to keep it clean and/or remove fallen branches, that can be done, too.  Just let me know. It is clear that there is a lot to do to keep the Acres looking lovely and the more helpers we have the easier and more successful we will be. Thanks.

See you at the picnic tomorrow. Don’t forget your chairs.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA