Roadside Cleanup: Good News/Bad News

On Saturday, August 29th, 13 AAPOA members met at Lake Eaton to perform our semi-annual cleanup. The good news is that there were thirteen members who came out on a beautiful Saturday morning for this task. They were: Ray Longinetti, Rick Bremer, Bill and Lynne Johnson, Mignon and Martin Tyler, Laurie George, Greg and Nancy MacDonald, Loyd Brewer, Doug and Rosemary Barry, and chairperson Joe DeMarco.  Thanks to their hard work, AuSable Drive, Sawmill Rd and Cross St. were all thoroughly cleaned.  For a few hours everything looked lovely.

Now the bad news. By Sunday morning there was already trash along the side of the roads and it was worse on Monday morning.  You get the picture. I simply don’t understand how people can throw trash from a car in such a beautiful area (or any area, actually.)  My next post is going to explain a new program that the AAPOA has begun to try to get a handle of this.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA