“Slow Down & Brake for Turtles”

Please be aware to apply special caution as turtles navigate our roads during mating/nesting season. Turtles are active now through August.

See pictures below of high risk crossing areas in addition to Ridgetop: One on Ausable Drive before Sawmill. I’ve typically seen them crossing left to right end route to Ausable Forks.


To know more about your long-lived Adirondack neighbors, please read https://www.adirondack.net/wildlife/turtles/ 

And refer to www.dancingturtlerescue.org for valuable education and rehabilitation information. Importantly, how to safely help a turtle cross the road and/or what to do should you hit and/or come upon an injured turtle. Turtles are incredibly resilient and recovery is possible when done in a timely manner.

Thank you!
Laurie Conney
Evergreen Lane