Spring Roadside Clean-up

Re: Roadside Cleanup

Dear Acres Residents,

Hope you are staying safe and healthy.

We want to take the opportunity to thank those of you who already have been out doing some road side cleanup. Our roads have been cleaner this spring than they have been in past years.

Given the Covid-19 situation we will not hold a “group” roadside clean up event this spring. Rather, we encourage people to get out and enjoy a walk, and if you can, please help out and pick up some garbage while doing so.

The Au Sable Acres Property Owners Association is making available, in a safe way, trash pick-up tools and garbage bags for those of you who want to volunteer and help out. Once you are done, the garbage bag(s) can be dropped off behind the pavilion, or preferably you can have it picked up with your own garbage pickup if possible. The trash pick-up tools we ask that you keep in your possession until when this pandemic is over and we can avoid possible cross contamination.

We ask that you contact us to “register” so we can cross out the roads you will be doing, and arrange delivery of trash bag(s) and pick-up tools. Even if you don’t need pick-up tools or bags, please do let us know which roads you may be doing. Attached is a file with the various road sections and a trail map so you can identify the three sections/landmarks referenced on AuSable Drive from Pavilion to Rt. 86.

If you will drop off the garbage by the pavilion, it is very important that you arrange the drop off with us, including the day and approximate time with us, so we can ensure quick disposal. Only roadside garbage is allowed!

To “register” please contact:
Laurie Conney; laurieconney@hotmail.com

Also, thank you to all of our Adopt A Road Volunteers:
* Joyce Philips-Fir St
* Fran and Steve Shumway-Tannenbaum & Spruce,
* Kathy DeFina-Sawmill from Sequoia Mtn to Summit
* Diane and John Mehrman-first section of AuSable Dr. Off 86
* Lynne and Bill Johnson-Oneida Lane and Sequoia Mountain Lane fromĀ  the junction with Oneida to the turn -around at the end.
* Knut & Marisol Sauer-Ridgetop, Hawthorne and Maple Lane
* Frank Krueger-AuSable Drive from Lakeside to Ridgetop. And Sawmill from Alder to AuSable Drive.
* Jim Haig-Oak Hollow Rd., around lake and silver trail, Cherry St. and Butternut
* Fran Shumway- sections of AuSable Drive
* Jim Jacob- AuSable Drive between the two Oak Hollow signs.
* Bob and Lou Moriarty-River Road and Cascades

If any of you wish to make a change please do let us know, and for those of you who may want to sign up, please send an email to Laurie Conney;
Thank you again!
Spring 2020 Roadside Cleanup
Acres Trail Map