Tax Assessment Appeal Steps

As you know, we have tried to get something done about the assessment increases in the Acres. At the General Membership Meeting the procedure was discussed. Unfortunately, the next time anything can be appealed is next March. However, here are the steps.

First you make an appointment with Donna Bramer, the assessor, to discuss your grievance. If you contact her office at 647-5594, you can find out the dates she is available. If you don’t get any satisfaction from her, you can make an appointment to go before the Tax Review Board. That is a five member panel who hears the appeals of the grievances that have been denied. One of our members is on this Board and he said they are receptive and often people are satisfied with the results after meeting with them.

I am sorry that the time frame for this year has passed but I suggest you keep this in mind for the future. I know many of you are very frustrated with the treatment we have received. I hope this information is helpful.

Rosemary Barry, President AAPOA