Tennis Court to get a Facelift

After many years of neglect due to lack of funds, the AuSable Acres tennis court is going to be repaired and resurfaced this Spring. There is also a drainage problem that must be addressed or the repair will not last.

Our dedicated tennis fund has $10,700. Past President, John Irvin, and his wife, Sylvia, donated a fair amount and last September when the lawsuit was settled, Annie Scavo and Rob Farkas, added $5,000 to the fund.

We know we can’t fix the court without doing the drainage. The AAPOA board asked for and received four sealed bids for the excavation work.  After reviewing them, the board eliminated the highest and the lowest and settled on the bid that was the lower of the remaining two and also had a two year guarantee.  The work will be done by Loyd Brewer when the ground thaws.

Rob Farkas, Frank Krueger and John Sanpietro are members of the tennis committee. They had a rep from Vermont Tennis Court come to look at the court last fall. He reaffirmed the fact that drainage work must be done before repairing the court. The board has decided to hire Vermont Tennis Court to do the resurfacing work on one court in late spring of 2012.
The cost to do both jobs is $14,000.  The additional funds will come from our money market savings account.  We gave this project very careful scrutiny and looked at several options before coming to this decision. We feel that we are getting a $14,000 capital improvement project for $4,000, since the bulk of the money is coming from the tennis fund. This improvement will enhance the property values of all owners as well as provide a court worthy of play. Understandably, very few people use the court in its existing condition. We hope many more people will use it once it is refinished.

We would like to repay the $4000 to the bank account as well as have a fund for maintenance of the new court so we are asking anyone who wishes to make a donation to the tennis fund.  You can mail it with your dues or, if you have already paid your dues, you can send it to the AAPOA, PO Box 8, AuSable Forks, NY 12912, marked as a donation for the tennis fund.

Thank you in advance for your help and interest. Get your rackets ready!

Rosemary Barry, President, AAPOA