Thanks To Roadside Cleanup Workers

On Saturday, May 26th, 17 people met at Lake Eaton to pick up litter on the main roads in the Acres. We were able to do the lake area and the tennis court area as well. It was a big job and the results are worth it. It is too bad that there is so much litter to clean up in the first place but that is the reality.  The workers were: Tom Selzner, Dennis Selzner, Mary and Steve Duclos, Joe DeMarco, Tim Mainzer, Pat and Ron Levine, Deb Pina, Greg Davies, Claudia Kassera, Monica Kassera, Rosemary and Doug Barry, Nancy MacDonald and Loyd and Pam Brewer. Thanks to all these people for taking the time to help. It is greatly appreciated. There will be another cleanup in the late summer.