Town Taking Action On Unleashed Dog Complaints

I am reposting this because unleashed dogs continue to be a problem in AuSable Acres. Please contact Tina Neyer using the information provided below if you see unleashed dogs.Thanks.  

“The Town of Jay has received numerous complaints about dogs running without a leash and getting into neighbors yards. Please be advised that our Dog Control Officer will be patrolling Au Sable Forks, Jay and Upper Jay as well as the Au Sable Acres and will issue tickets to owners in violation.

If you witness an owner violating the leash law, please contact Tina Neyer, Town of Jay Dog control Officer at (518) 536-0047 and provide the name of the owner and/or location of the dog on the loose with its description and breed. Tina Neyer can also be reached by email at”

I have been hearing complaints about unleashed dogs for a long time. Finally, these complaints have been heard. Report the dogs to Tina and let’s see if anything changes. Thank you.

Rosemary Barry, AAPOA President